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My name is Carolina Gonzalez and I am a Witch, a Curandera and a daughter of Maria Lionza. Welcome to my new and revamped website, where I offer Divination and Spellwork, Spiritual Services, and handmade ritual supplies that I create along with my husband, Fernando Abisaab, a Medium.

We offer our services worldwide from our home and temple in Tenerife, one of the seven Canary Islands, located in the Northwest coast of Africa. We are deeply engaged with our Guanche* heritage, as well as with the tradition of Canarian Curanderismo, two essential elements of Canarian identity that we do our best to preserve and continue with our own work.

We are both initiates of Maria Lionza's religion, a form of Afro-Latin Spiritism originated in Venezuela, a country that is not only part of the history of the Canary Islands in its own right, but also a country that shares ties with my own family. This religion is a mixture of indigenous Venezuelan shamanism, kardecist Spiritism, and the influence of other Afro-Latin religions of the Diaspora. You can read more about it Here.

*Guanche – aboriginal inhabitants of the Canary Islands before the Spanish invasion, of Amazigh (Berber) origin.

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