Orisha Bracelet - Obatala / Oxala - Peace, Protection, Wisdom, Clarity

Item Description

This listing is for ONE bracelet - only three available!

Obatala/Oxala: Father of all Orishas, King of Humanity, embodiment of wisdom and purity. Depending on the tradition, Obatala is a male or a female Orisha, but His/Her attributes are the same. A kind, fatherly, gentle Orisha that helps achieve clarity and decision, and that brings serenity and the wisdom that comes from age and experience. Obatala is specially fond of children and of the elder, as well as of the ill and the weak.

Bracelet made with a sterling silver wire core, double wrapped for extra durability and with a secure lobster clasp. Around 18 cms./ 7 inches long, XL size. A chain extender can be added at no cost, please let me know on the "Message To Seller" tab you will find during checkout.

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